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Anisong Station(ENG)

ေတးဂီတ Sub.
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Anisong Station(ENG)

Every Wednesday 23:30 - 0:00 and more

ေယဘုယ် သံုးသပ္ခ်က္

An anime song program focused on a top 10 ranking of latest Japanese anime songs as well as specially recorded studio performances. From the biggest name artists to the new comers to look out for, not to mention great guests, this show has it all. Songs, dances, live performances and more... Creating an anime song world from every angle.

Ending theme song : Shiina Natsukawa“GrapeFruit-moon”

Japanese Website : http://anisong-station.jp

Weekly Top10

1 “Welcome to Japari Park” Märchen
2 “Welcome to Japari Park” Dobutsu Biscuits×PPP
4 “Boku no Friend” Miyuhan
5 “GrapeFruit-moon” Shiina Natsukawa
6 “Catch The Moment” LiSA
7 “Against The Wind” Kensho Ono
8 “Shinzou Wo Sasageyo!” Linked Horizon
9 “Harusora” Inori Minase
10 “Anti-clockwise” After the Rain


Daimaou Kosaka Daimaou Kosaka Ryoga (Bullet Train) Ryoga (Bullet Train)

Presenter is Kosaka Daimaou who is creator of PIKOTARO and Ryoga, who is the leader of the BULLET TRAIN, is truly OTAKU who loves anime.

Anisong Station LIVE!!

Yurika Endo Yurika Endo “Melody and Flower” Mia REGINA Mia REGINA “My Sweet Maiden”